Satisfied Clients

Sagrario Pilates Studio, formerly known as The Studio Pilates, opened its doors in Spring 1994. The studio embraces clients of nearly all ages. We have and currently treat folks from all walks of life: office workers, trade workers, entrepreneurs, students, health care workers, professional athletes, professional and aspiring dancers, opera singers, musicians and more.

Our clients are individuals who work hard and play hard but understand that attaining a well rounded bill of health requires lifetime dedication and discipline. Our clients view pilates as a long-time commitment to themselves and their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Committed To You

We are fully committed to your well being. We provide all clients individualised attention.

Unique Experience

Our instructors are unique in their teaching methods. We passionately bring our personalities and strengths into our classes.

Educated Instructors

All instructors are fully trained and are consistently updated with the evolving world of fitness.

Let's Begin!

Begin your journey by registering with us! Once we receive your request, we will contact you. Together, we will begin your journey into the world of pilates.

Fun & Safe Environment

Clients at Sagrario Pilates Studio work hard. This means no quick fixes or bandage remedies.

But we also like to have fun and laugh. Smiling and laughing is part of our wellbeing. Expect to work hard, have fun, and feel relaxed.

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    Strong Body

    Strengthen your body through Pilates training.

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    Stable Mind

    Find peace through the precise, and methodical movements of Pilates.

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    Lifestyle Change

    Notice the differences in your mind and body during and after Pilates training. Walk away with a happy spirit.

Client Testimonials

“When I first came to Sagrario Pilates studio, I could not bend down past my knees and I felt like I was 90 years old instead of almost 40! Today, after almost five years of dedication, I can say that Sagrario Pilates studio has changed my life. In 2005, I had an injury that resulted in a ruptured disc and surgery. My 20 years of corporate working life with a lot of travel, made it difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle that did not involve hours of sitting in meetings or on flights. When I moved to Toronto in 2013, I had never tried pilates before, but I heard that it was good for the body and especially the spine. At Sagrario Pilates I found instructors that were well trained and knew what they were doing, including having experience working with injured people. At first I took private lessons for 18 months, and then gradually began taking group classes. Today I am even able to participate in Sagrario‚Äôs advanced pilates class, a fantastic challenge once a week! Pilates has allowed me to be able to go back to other sports that I enjoy, and I even started playing squash again. Thank you Sagrario Pilates!”

“Highly recommended!!! All of the instructors at Sagrario Pilates Studio are very knowledgeable, competent, and compassionate. Instruction is provided in a relaxed, fun atmosphere at an accessible, downtown location. If I could, I would attend every day! If you are looking for Pilates instruction, individual or group, this is the place to go. You will not be disappointed!”

“A consistent student of Pilates for the last 28 yrs, I was extremely fortunate to have been referred to Sagrario 23 yrs ago, and she has been my teacher ever since. Sagrario’s mastery of movement and movement disciplines is second to none. Arguably, even more important is her ability to continuously identify and deftly communicate the work needed for my body in manageable terms. She has successfully kept me exceptionally active, continuously engaged, challenged and happy, too (!), even through periods of injury and other challenges my body has faced (pre and post a total hip replacement and shoulder reconstruction surgery, for example). Above all, she is effective and a lot of fun to work with! :))! Clearly, I couldn’t recommend her more highly!!!”